Movie Stars: The Ultimate Job Seekers

Movie Stars: The Ultimate Job Seekers

Many of you are struggling to find a job that you are trained for and have experience in.  Others are seeking work in a new career, trying to repackage themselves in the hopes of starting over.  As I have said many times, a career is something that is never a straight-line path.  There are many detours along the way.  Sometimes you need to take two steps backward, after moving three forward.

Actors know the struggle to find work, all too well.  Unless, they were born in a Hollywood family where contacts are abundant, they have all had to find a way to live while following their dream to succeed as an actor/entertainer.  Many have worked in others fields while training and auditioning for work.

They have paid the price for success by working much harder than most of us.  They stop at nothing to get what they want, which is to make a living as an actor or entertainer.  We can all learn something from these people who keep on going forward with their dreams after numerous rejections from the powers in Hollywood or New York.

Here are some of the stories of some popular stars and how they livedbeforethey made a name for themselves:

Daniel Craig, most well-known for his reoccurring role as James bond and recently in the popular movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, used to sleep on a park bench inLondon.  It was reported that he was frequently sent away from the park bench by visitors looking for a seat.  Can you imagine how awful that must have been for him?

Funnyman Jim Carrey’s family was so poor when he was growing up in Canada that they would have to sleep in their yellow Volkswagen van.  Later, he camped out on one of his brother’s lawn in a tent while trying to get noticed at the Canadian comedy clubs. His future totally changed when he moved the early 1980’s, appearing at The Comedy Store, where he got noticed by Rodney Dangerfield. He liked him so much he hired him as his opening act.

Actress Halle Berry had moved to Chicago to pursue her dream of modeling and acting.  She quickly ran out of money and was forced to spend weeks at a homeless shelter.  This tenacious Oscar winner says, “A girl had to do what a girl had to do.  You can do that when you’re 21 and ambitious and your eyes are this big and you don’t want to go home.”  She just wouldn’t give up her dreams.

Popular TV late night host, David Letterman, was also homeless at one time.  He slept in his 1973 red Chevy pickup truck.  He was so broke when he moved to L.A. in the 1970’s, he had to bed down in his vehicle. He now earns an estimated $40-million a year!

Funnyman Drew Carey embarked on his first cross-country trip from Ohio to California, but ended up homeless in Las Vegas for a time.  He also slept in his car before he found work as a bank teller and waiter at Denny’s.  His friend suggested he start writing jokes which led him to his TV sitcom.

So what is the message here for you? First, never give up on your dreams.  Know that many others are doing what it takes to be successful.  Believe in yourself, but take jobs that will support you, until you find one in an area you want to work.  And, lastly, take care of your car; you never know when you may have to sleep in it!

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