Hot Job for 2012: Personal Assistants

Hot Job for 2012: Personal Assistants

Say good-bye to 2011, where jobs were scarce and hiring slow!  It’s a new year, filled with opportunities for those that target areas that are in demand.  One of the biggest growth areas in hiring is as a Personal Assistant, or better known as a PA.  With small companies cautious about hiring full-time workers, yet still needing help with their business, many are turning to PA’s.

Personal Assistant jobs are on the rise for 2012, with over 1 million PA’s placed in 2011 alone, making it one of the most popular jobs to obtain. On February 4 and 5, Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of “Be the Ultimate Assistant” and one of the most respected celebrity assistants and instructors in the country, will be coming to Chicago to teach a 10-hour weekend shop.

"Be The Ultimate Assistant" Chicagoworkshop for Personal Assistants will help in your professional development and maximize your earning power and marketability as a Personal Assistant.  This interactive and fast-paced course will be geared towards PA's, EA's who do personal work.

Whether you are a seasoned expert looking to perfect your skills or an entry level PA looking to break into the industry. The class is designed to develop and fine-tune the mindset, confidence, and tools needed to succeed with the most demanding employer.

Some discussion topics include: Must-have skills in the workplace of 2012, Technology Tips for the PA, Organization, Research & Creative Problem-Solving, Utilizing Resources & Networking, Communication & Personal Presentation and Career Management & the Job Search (Attendees are encouraged to bring their résumé)

The total cost of the course, including a signed copy of "Be the Ultimate Assistant," materials and completion certificate, is $500. In addition, each student will receive a follow-up coaching session with Bonnie. Tickets can be purchased at -

The workshop will be held at Alter Ego Concierge located at 11 S. LaSalle (12th floor) from11AM-4PM on Sat. February 4 and10AM-3PM on Sun. February 5.

Working as a PA can broaden your contact base, sharpen your organizational skills and lead you on a new path for employment.  Many PA’s work virtual, allowing you to maximize your work time.  It’s worth looking into.


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