Jobs Forecast for 2012: The Year of Collaboration

Jobs Forecast for 2012:  The Year of Collaboration

With 2011 almost over, most of us can agree that it was a difficult year beset with many challenges as we attempted to manage our debt and keep balance in our lives, along with keeping our jobs; if we had one!  Employment opportunities remained scarce with many who had to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.

Some of you are still looking for gainful employment while others remain underemployed and looking to get back into your field of choice.  For many, this will take time, yet I strongly believe that a recovery is in sight.  It will take a few more months and loads of patience.  Yet, there are signs that companies are beginning to add employees.

Unemployment in Illinois has dropped from a stubborn rate of 10% down to 8.6%.  Some employment experts still contend that the employment rate is much higher since many job seekers have stopped looking for work and many of the underemployed are not included in the unemployment number.  Yet, there does appear to be more positions available in the past couple of months.

Make not mistake, 2012 is still going to be a difficult year for many would-be workers as our economy attempts to reset itself for growth.  The operative word for 2012 is “collaboration”.  This means teaming up with others this coming year is the quickest way to garner results and not miss the latest up tick in our economy.

It’s time to select your “teammates” and head into the New Year strong, directed and cohesive.  Spend the remainder of the year and into January building your team of individuals that have the same common goals and a mutual interest for you both to be successful.

Join forces on projects when you can and help one another to accomplish each others goals.  Select your team wisely, but don’t be afraid to take a “leap of faith”.  The “new economy” will reward those that embrace partnerships and change.  It will embrace those that have a cohesive team and those that tackle this economy with precision, talent, and fierce execution.  Don’t miss the upcoming opportunities!

To a successful, healthy and meaningful 2012!!

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