(5) Tips for Job Hunters During the Holidays

(5) Tips for Job Hunters During the Holidays

The month of December is one of the best times to speak with potential employers.  It is certainly the best time to network at holiday parties and reach out to hiring managers.  This is especially true during the days leading up to Christmas.

It is assumed that executives are busy this time of year when this is actually the opposite for many people working in high level positions.  Their quotas are met by now; they are typically taking a bit of a mental break from the pressure of making their numbers and are more open to speaking with potential candidates about a position with their company.

Now is the time to set up interviews for the month of January to get a jump start on your job search for the New Year.  You need to contact these people directly to get the best results.

Try the following to assure success in getting interviews scheduled for January:

1.)   Target your top (10) companies you are interested in interviewing with.  Take time to research who the individuals are in your area of expertise.

2.)   Once you have the name(s) of these people, you need to call them.  The e-mail world is much too crowded now and often managers are overloaded by their e-mails. You would be surprised how few people call anymore. So call them and leave a message about setting up a meeting for January.

3.)   When leaving your message or speaking with the manager, make sure to have a “quick-pitch” down of who you are and why you are calling.  Be straight-forward and concise and ask if they are the right person to speak with or if not who should you talk to.

4.)   Always ask for their e-mail contact information so you can follow-up with your paperwork or correspondence.

5.)   Instead of sending an unsolicited resume, try sending along a one sheet with your photo and four-fives sentences of your career background.

Check with you friends as to when their holiday parties are at a company you may want to work at, and accompany them if appropriate.  You certainly don’t want to join if the party is a sit down dinner with their spouses!

Don’t let the month of January evaporate without having interviews and meetings set up.  Now is the time to work your Rolodex and contact companies for the New Year!

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