Networking: The New Way of Doing Business!

Networking: The New Way of Doing Business!

How many networking events do you go to a week? How many are you invited to? The answer is probably more than you can keep up with.  With the advent of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the amount of networking opportunities is amazing!  Social media has given us all the opportunity to meet people that can aide us in our business or job search.

It’s all about connections in this business environment.  Whether you are looking for a new job or more business, these networking groups can be the most valuable asset to advance your career.

We are in an age of collaboration, where we have an opportunity to connect with people with whom we can mutually benefit from one another to build alliances and widen our database.  It is not enough to ask what we want for ourselves rather we should be asking what we can do for others.

Choose your networking groups wisely by spending time with groups that have a comfortable setting with a cross-section of people.  Everyone has a story to tell, so make sure you are listening and spending time with those that know the value of sharing information.

Make sure you have a clear message of who you are and what value you can offer someone.  Keep it simple.  Make connections and follow up in a timely fashion. It is wise to pick a few contacts at each of these events and to spend time getting to know your new contacts.

Networking is not a choice now in this economy it’s a necessity!

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  • There is nothing new about "networking." Some job counseling firm advertising in the Tribune was selling that advice for $3,000 35 years ago, but didn't have any contacts itself. At least that's the most you could find out from the salesperson before plunking down the money.

    Nobody has really explained how you network if you don't know anybody who knows anybody with a job. The only difference now is that one can "network" in a virtual sense, but no one knows who is on the other side of the Internet. All the litigation about matchmaking/sexual hook up sites proves that. Turns out that you couldn't even trust the purveyors of erotic services on craigslist.

    Of course, there still is the networking if you know someone who knows Pat Quinn or Toni Preckwinkle, and of course neither of them can find anyone who isn't so connected that is supposedly qualified.

  • Thanks for the comment, Jack. Yes, networking has been around a long time. It's just gotten to be a must instead of a maybe. And, yes there are so many people that need a job or more business, but there is value in meeting and getting to know people and sharing contacts and synergies. It's not a quick fix to a job or more business but is useful. Better to be out meeting people and it just takes one new contact to get you where you need to be.

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