2011 Halsted Market Days-Photos

With the weather being as rocky as the stock market this weekend with pea-sized hail, 20-MPH winds and driving rain, the Halsted Market attendees braved the storms this year.  This fair was expected to host over 100,000 people from the Midwest to celebrate, in the heart of “Boys town”.

With three stages with 40 musical acts including Gloria Gaynor as the final act, this unique fair offered some of the best selection of fair food of any seen this summer.  Pulled pork, sushi, hot dogs, Cuban sandwiches, root beer floats, chicken skewers, champagne, pineapple drinks served in a half of pineapple, and a wide assortment of wines were all available to a packed crowd of mostly GLBT’s.

This was an opportunity for GLBT’s to celebrate their equality and their lifestyle.  Yet, there were a fair amount of families with children checking out the music, the numerous jewelry vendors and chiropractor’s booths.  I have attended this fair for a number of years and have seen how the acceptance of gays into the mainstream community has changed into a more accepting lifestyle.

With Civil Unions being approved this year by the State of Illinois, it has opened up the concept of LGBT’s being part of our society.  The Halsted Market is now a place for all to enjoy the high-impact music, nibble on the tasty food and enjoy a Chicago summer day.

For more information on this event and the area check out www.northalsted.com.  Here are some photos of the day.

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