June Jobs Report: Sectors Hiring

June Jobs Report: Sectors Hiring

The release of June’s unemployment figures last week showing only 18,000 net jobs in the private sector sent economists into a tizzy as the stock market plummeted.  This unexpected bad news in the unemployment figures for workers caught everyone by surprise.

The period from February-April had shown average gains of 215,000/month.  May was flat and expectations were that May was a fluke.  Not so, for June figures showed little change from May.  The persistent question is, Are we headed for a double-dip recession? Some say, we never have left the recession

This topic is still open for debate as we all hold our breath waiting for the economy to improve, companies to hire and for the housing market to get better for sellers.  Though, the June jobs report was dismal there is still some bright spots in the data released.

The professional technology and business services increased in June by 24,000 jobs while the industry has added 245,000 jobs since March of 2010.  So, if you are looking or a job in sales, marketing, or management, even if you don’t have a tech degree, you may want to try the tech companies.  There are a number of companies hiring.

Healthcare continued to rend upward as 14,000 jobs were added in June, mostly, in ambulatory health and services.  I predict this will be a growth area for workers. Over the past 12 months healthcare has added an average of 24,000 jobs a month.

Another area of growth was in the mining industry, where 8,000 jobs were added mostly in the support activities like, finance, marketing, management and operations that are non-mining positions.  The mining industry has added 128,000 jobs since the low in October, 09.

Another sector that showed gains was in hospitality/leisure.  This industry added 34,000 jobs in June and is up 279,000 since its low in January, 10.  This shows a distinctive trend in consumer spending, yet is no where it was before the Great Recession.

Areas like the construction, manufacturing and government sectors were all flat or decreased in the number of jobs available.  The government shed 39,000 jobs, with 14,000 of those jobs being in the federal government.  I see more of these jobs evaporating as our government attempts to rein in our record deficit; working for the federal or local government is not a good option, anymore.

Follow the trends in hiring and make sure you gain experience in these fields even if you intern or volunteer.



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