Temporary Workers Lead the Job Market Recovery

Temporary Workers Lead the Job Market Recovery

the job market remains stubbornly sluggish and competition fierce, job seekers
are turning to temporary work to help them survive this Recession.  Many of the jobs they seek are listed as
temp-hire, where an employer first contracts them out on a temporary basis and
then hires them after a 90-day period. 
According to David Lewis, Director of Franchising at Express Employment
Professionals, more than 4 million workers were hired on this basis last year.

, Express Employment Professionals was founded in 1983 by Bob
Funk who still remains CEO of this thriving franchised company. With 555
franchise locations in the
U.S., Canada and South Africa, they are seeing a trend
toward hiring of temporary and temp-perm workers in accounting, finance,
medical, administration and the labor market, while experiencing double digit
growth this year.

of the most active locations for Express Employment Professionals in the area
is the
Crystal Lake office, owned by Terri
Greeno. A former partner at Wells, Murrow & Associates with a MBA in
Finance/Accounting/Systems, she became an Express franchisee in June,

offered some useful insight as to where the employment market is now and her thoughts
on what to include in a résumé.  Here are

do you think are the best items to include in a resume?

Brief, but specific
. Don't
give all your information away in the summary. 
Let this be an opening to your résumé that encourages an employer to
continue reading and learning more about you. 
Be sure to outline what you can offer an employer.

relevant skills
.  In your summary, list your most recent
relevant skills as they relate to the specific job opening. Which of these skills
do you excel at the most? Write those down. 
Also, describe your accomplishments. 
What are a few of your greatest accomplishments that would relate to the
job?  Is there an award that you have
won?  It's okay to brag a little because
you want the employer to know why you're great and why they should hire you!

action words
Although sometimes you have to list something in past tense, try to use as many
action word items as possible to communicate greater intensity.  Using action words will more likely grab the
reader's attention than using past tense verbs.

.  Keep the summary statement at the top of your
résumé and keep it short and sweet-about four sentences or less.  Again, you want to grab someone's attention
with your summary, but not give away all of your information. Also, be careful
not to use the words, "I", "me", or "my" in your summary.  Employers know you're talking about yourself,
so saying these words might sound amateurish or unprofessional.

makes for a great interview?

important not to let your nerves get the best of you.  Take the initiative to tell them about
you.  Here are three areas about relevant
work experience you can share in a few minutes to help you get closer to
landing the job:

function well on a team
- Employers want to know if you can function well as part of
their team. Describe a time in a previous job where you worked on a tem to
successfully complete a project.  Be sure
to share your role and how you contributed to the process.

my previous job, I saved my company time or money
- Taking about how you
impacted a company's bottom-line helps show you are not only innovative, but
also a great investment.  And, you can
think "outside of the box", rather than just do what's always been done.

am good at problem solving
-If you recall a time where you implemented a resolution for an
obstacle, briefly share about it.  What
was your strategy and the steps you took to solve the problem? This helps
demonstrate your reasoning skills and follow through-traits which are
reflective of your leadership abilities and drive to succeed.

Terri Greeno confirmed something that I have always believed in.  She said, "Even though it's an interview, you
don't have to depend on them to do all the talking.  Take a few deep breaths to settle your nerves
and get ready to talk about you. 
By sharing short stories of how you have excelled in the past work
experiences, you can show potential employers your true value as an
employee."  Well said.

more information on the services Terri provides go to: jobs.crystallakeil@expresspros.com
or call (815) 788-8556.  If interested in
a potential franchise with this dynamic company check out their web-site at: http://www.expresspros.com.

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