Same-Sex Couples First Illinois Civil Unions

Civil Marriage Union 6.2.11 008.jpgIt was a historic
day for same-sex couples in
Illinois.  33
couples exchanged vows today in
Millennium Park, sanctioned by Circuit Court judges and a
minister.  It would be the first civil
unions acknowledged by the State of
Illinois since the passing of the Civil Union Bill
signed by Governor Quinn.

The couples, both
men and women, were surrounded by family and friends to witness this long
waited event.  They were asked to wear
violet or purple to the ceremony as a sign of unity.  Both Governor Quinn and Mayor Emanuel spoke
at the event, with Emanuel praising Quinn for passing the Bill.

The Chicago Gay
Men's chorus preformed to a packed crowd. Openly gay State Representatives
Deborah Mell, Kelly Cassidy and Alderman Tom Tunney all attended the event and
spoke to the group at their celebration party held at the
Cultural Center.

 The Illinois Civil
Union law offers same-sex couples the same state rights and responsibilities of
marriage as hetero-couples.
  It was a
joyful day for many, including my friend, Allen Nichols and his partner, Jeff
Johnson, who were one of the lucky one's to be included in the event today.

 I wish the best for
all the civil union couples.  It is a
great victory for those wanting the same
Illinois right under marriage that hetero's
have.  As my friend said, "At least now
my partner will have the rights to carry out my wishes upon death." This was an
important day, indeed!

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