Fun, Job Leads & Martinis All in One Place! SUIT UP Event

Sarah VArgo image for blog.jpgWhen was the last
time you really had fun at a business networking event?  I am sure you have to think really hard to
come up with a time where you were able to showcase your skills, laugh and
drink a martini or two! 

extraordinaire, Sarah Vargo, Founder/President of Maven Productions has once
again come up with a brilliant concept.
This time it's for business networking and the event is called SUIT UP.
This event features industry leaders in finance, real estate, law, marketing,
entertainment and more.

Don't miss the
gathering this month to be held at hot spot Bull & Bear in River North,
Wednesday, June, 29.
  Industry leaders will serve as event spheres
and bring in new potential guest hosts and match them with other
companies.  So boys and girls---it's time
to put on your best suits and get down to business!


Admission is $5 per
person and 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity of the month which is Bin
.  There will
also be a complimentary raffle ticket given to those arriving by
8:15 to win gift certificates from sponsors.

Bin Donated is a
Chicago-based charity specializing in free residential & commercial
donation pick-up service, where they collect unwanted items and bring them to
other charities in the City, at no charge. 
Bin Donated strives to build on creating local and national charitable
awareness and directly helping those in need.

Some of the
featured hosts at the SUIT UP networking event include:  Margo Foster of Chicago Models, Anderson Bell
the CEO/Founder of Fan fueled tickets, Jamie Viteri from the Chicago Latino
Network and Amy Howell, Wintrust Mortgage Corporation.  The event is sponsored in part by
Dillion Road, along with Today's Chicago Woman
magazine and Bull & Bear.

Sarah Vargo's firm
Maven is a "connection" agency.  Its
strength lies in who they know, and how the connect their clients with the right
people to achieve their objectives. 
They provide targeted and customized promotions with the added benefit
of PR and publicity, leading to a "one-stop shop" for clients looking for a
value driven media strategy.

For more
information on Maven go to
or contact Sarah at
To register for the June SUIT UP event go to or on Facebook

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