Emerging Mobile Technology Trend Conference: Networking Opportunity

Some of my best business and job
leads have risen out of conferences.  It
is a terrific place to meet leaders in your industry, all in one place.  There is a valuable event coming up you should
consider attending next week. 

The Connected World Conference is the
premier event for networking visionaries and bringing together business leaders
and upwardly mobile professionals seeking to drive tomorrow's technology
initiatives. This event will be held June 14-16 at the Lincolnshire Marriott. So,
if you are a top senior executive, or a top tech firm, or professional just
starting out in your career, this is an event for you.

The Connected World Conference will deliver insight into the emerging technology trends shaping the
future of connected devices technology. This event gives attendees a chance to
explore the strategic shifts that new technologies will have now and into the
future in the,
U.S. and
across the globe.

magazine will announce
market numbers and projections that will change the way we view M2M and
connected devices. Following months of detailed research on the industry, Connected World reveals its own numbers regarding
where each carrier ranks in the market, how M2M connections are counted, the
true definition of M2M and connected devices, and much more.

Keynote address from Connected
Editorial Director Peggy Smedley, will be followed by a panel discussion around the relevance of definitions in the M2M and
connected devices space. Panelists include Mike Carrozzo, Chief Editor, Connected World magazine, John Horn,
President, RACO Wireless, Kevin Johnson, Director of Embedded Connected
Devices, Embedded & Communications Group, Intel Corp., and Jeff Smith,
CTO of
Numerex & Chairman of TIA.

These conferences are expensive, with the best value for this one at $1300 for the speaker sessions and exhibition.  If this price is too hefty for your budget, consider attending the exhibit for $50. and use this as a networking opportunity.  For more information, check out Connected World Conference.

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