Do You Drupal?: The Alternative to WordPress

Drupal image.pngThe advent of open
source enterprise platforms is changing the way that companies and bloggers are
doing business.  There has been an
enormous shift from the paid platform to the open platform in the past couple
of years, making it easier and far less expensive to set up your own
web-site.  The major open source platforms
are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All available to users without any licensing
fees that threatens to drive those that charge for their platforms, out of
business. Why pay for a hosting platform when you can get it for FREE?

Companies and
individuals looking to set up a web-site can use any of these open source
  Though if you are not a
"techie", you should hire one of the many companies set up to help you get
  The costs for these services
are as low as $400 for the initial set-up fee, which is far less than using a
hosting company and paying for licensing fees, not to mention the tech support
for every time you want to make changes to your web-site.

I spoke with George
DeMet, the founder and co-owner of Palantir which provides web-site design and
development, along with overseeing the development of a full range of custom
interactive web-site and internet enable software, what was going on in the
world of open source enterprise platforms.


George is a permanent
member of the Drupal Association, along with being the co-chair of a DrupalCon,
an international conference exclusively dedicated to the use and support of the
Drupal platform.  A
Northwestern University graduate, he started his IT company over
16-years ago as a college junior, where he specialized in building web-sites by
developing customized software for companies.  

After finishing his 4th enterprise platform about 5-years
ago, he discovered Drupal. He says, "It was such a great platform and better
than anything I could create, I decided to use it for my clients, rather than
do another upgrade on my own program."

Drupal was founded,
by then,
Belgium college student, Dries Buytaert in
2001.  Buytaert owns the Drupal name, yet
allows anyone to use his open source enterprise platform and has final say on
the architectural design on the system. 
This enables him to get some of the finest talent in the world working
to improve his platform.  He has his own technology
start-up (Acuiqa) that provides products and services to support the Drupal

So what is the
difference between Wordpress and Drupal and which platform should you use for
your business?  I asked George DeMet who
was hesitant to say that one product was better than the other.  He says that both Wordpress and Drupal are
great enterprise systems, depending on what you are using them for and what
type of business you have. 

Drupal can be best
described as a developer orientated platform that ties in better with other 3rd
party systems already in place, making it easier for larger businesses to use
it.  This is why the U.S. Government is
using the platform, along with some of George's clients such as the
Field Museum, WBEZ, Barnard College and other companies.

Wordpress has a
concentric platform better used by individuals and bloggers and is more user
orientated. Companies like Tribune's ChicagoNow site is in the process of
switching over to WordPress.

The last DrupalCon
convention was held in
Chicago in March where some 3,000 people attended this three-day
seminar. The $350 entrance fee was a "steal" in my opinion.  The next DrupalCon conference is being held
London this year, August 22-26.  Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert will be the
lead speaker, along with author Tom Standage and the Web Standardistas.

For more
information on the conference or to register go to:  Contact George DeMet, Palantir, at for everything you need
to know about Drupal.


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  • Nice read...

    There are several others CMS's that are better than WP, but WP is considered good for people who are not technically strong and its the best user friendly CMS too.

    I had been using and developing websites in Drupal fro more than a decade and I also suggest Drupal to all my customers, just because of its usability and customization capabilities.


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