Are You a Turtle in Your Job Search?

Are You a Turtle in Your Job Search?

Turtle photo-2.jpgBefore I start this
blog I want to go on record to say that I know that most of you believe that
you are working very hard in your efforts to get a job.  I am sure you are going through the motion
and sending out your resume to all available jobs you can find, along with
networking through social media and through former associates.

While traveling
this week I spotted a pond stocked with large Koi fish and oversized turtles lying
in the sun watching the Koi swim in circles.
It was a serene moment that made we stop and observe the behavior of the
turtles who moved very slowly, and only occasionally ventured out into the
water for a swim.

This experience
made me think of how simple their lives were, yet highly structured.  Even they had a distinctive purpose which was
to watch their young, huddle with their turtle "friends" and to mingle with the
Koi.  They instinctively knew their
mission in life.  People are not so

We don't have one
clear path in life and most of us have a number of options to consider as to
which way our career is built.  Ours
should be a fulfilling life, yet when we are knocked out of a job or a career
the balance of our lives becomes skewed. 
Our choices seem to be limited and we feel like we have been left

I believe when you
are unemployed for many months that you become less effective in your job
search.  You become tired, frustrated and
a bit lethargic; a bit like a turtle. 
It's understandable that this happens, but you need to rejuvenate and
take the following steps to turn your job search into high gear.


1.)   Clear you work area off.  Clean it up and place the folders of
potential jobs in a holder.  These would
be companies that you have either interviewed with or have had some correspondence. 

2.)   Compile a list of 20 people that you think
would be helpful to you in terms of networking to gain access into companies.  Take out your calendar and start contacting
these people to set up coffee meetings.

3.)   Re-work your current resume and remove any
information that is redundant or not necessary. 
Make your resume interesting and current.  This also goes for your cover letter.

4.)   Tape yourself in a mock interview.  Make a list of questions and respond to them
as if you were in an interview.  Play the
tape back and critique your responses.

5.)   Make a goal to talk to or communicate with
at least 5 people a day to keep expanding your current network.  Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to meet
new people.  Be relevant and specific
about what your skills are.  People will
help you if you present yourself well.

 Don't allow
yourself to be a turtle tucked in your shell waiting for something to happen.  You are
the only one that can make things happen and find a place for yourself in the
job market!

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