Who's Hiring?: Top (10) Companies for Job Growth

construction workers.jpgFortune magazine has come out with their annual survey of the best places to work with the best perks and the top ten firms for job growth in 2011.  Some of the companies were a surprise, while others were expected. I focused on the companies that are hiring for this article. So who is hiring and expanding their employee base for 2011?


With unemployment in the U. S. still over 9% nationally the reality is that job seekers may need to focus on who is hiring, rather than where they want to work.  This mind set is much different than the last decade before the Great Recession when job candidate's sought out firms they wanted to work for; not anymore!


At least for now, until our economy stabilizes and the unemployment rate falls back down to around 5%.  This could be year's job experts say which makes it even more important to go to where the jobs are and where there is a better chance of getting hired.  The longer you are unemployed the tougher it will be for you to get a new job, not to mention pay your bills!


Below are the top (10) companies that are planning on hiring in 2011.  Check out why they are not only hiring but what special perks some of them offer to their employees.


1.) Zappos.com (www.zappos.com)- This online shoe retailer rates #6 as the best place to work.  They expect a 37% growth in jobs with useful perks such as free lunches, no charge vending machines and a full time life coach! Located in Henderson, NV they are my top pick of companies to work for.


2.) Balfour Beatty Construction (www.balfourbeattyus.com)- Located in Dallas, TX this company ranks #40 of best places to work.  Owned by the British, this construction company builds universities, hospitals, and symphony halls, along with constructing the 9/11 Pentagon building.  It is one of the few U.S. operated construction firms that is aggressively adding employees, by about 37% this year.


(3.) Darden Restaurants (www.darden.com) - This Company operates casual dining restaurants, such as, Red Lobster and Olive Garden.  Based in Orlando, FL, they are expanding by 21% this year and offer health insurance for part-time employees.


(4.) Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com)- Located in Seattle, WA, this specialty retailer is rated #74 in best perks and is hiring on 19% new staff this year.  Their motto is, "Use good judgment in all situations".


(5.) Scottrade (www.scottrade.com)- Located I St. Louis, Mo, the discount stock Brokerage Company offers no advice to its customers.  No one has been laid off from the firm and no office has ever been closed. They are hiring an additional 19% this year.


(6.) Adobe Systems (www.adobe.com)- This software firm is located in San Jose, CA and is adding 18% more employees this year.  They believe in philanthropy and are one of the biggest donors in Silicon Valley. Donations are matched $ for $ up to $5.000.


(7.) Umpqua Bank (www.umpquabank.com) Located in Portland, OR, this west coast bank has some of the best perks on this list.  They offer free signature blend coffee that one of the staff brews, employees huddle each day and share customer service stories and employees get 40-hours of paid time off every year to do volunteer work.  They are adding staff of 18% this year.


(8.) Southern Ohio Medical (www.somc.org) - This 104-year old hospital is located near the Ohio/Kentucky border in Portsmouth, Ohio. I It is hiring 18% more employees this year.  The company turned National Nurse's Week into a community service event by collecting monies for local charities.


(9.) Salesforce.com (www.salesforce.com)- This San Francisco based sales software provider has expanded its workforce by 50 % over the past two years and will be adding on another 15% this year. The top performers at this company join the Peak Performers Club and become eligible for a 4-day trip to a swanky Hawaiian resort.


(10.) Morningstar (corporate.morningstar.com) -  The only Chicago-based company on this list, this firm provides investment information.  They increased their workforce by 14% last year.  This firm has some of the best job perks in the country.   They offer a 6-week paid sabbatical for every 4- years of employment and places no limits on paid vacations or sick time. 


My advice is to go to the companies that are hiring.  This above list covers a number of industries and locations.  It may be that you will have to move to where the jobs are.  We are in a global economy and your skills may be needed at a company not located in Chicago.   Be flexible and open to change and you may just land not only a job, but one that you can thrive in and take you to the next level in your career!


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