The Day After the Chicago 2011 Blizzard: Photos

Baby bt Gordy Park.jpg

Baby at Gordy Park

For most people in Chicago the day after our historic blizzard, ranking number 2, behind the 1967 snow storm, was a holiday.  For those who ventured out today, it was a time to enjoy the mounds of snow stacked up on most streets in Chicago.


Dogs, babies, children, both young and old, could be found playing in the snow, like it was their first!  There was a peaceful silence in this City that rarely occurs.  Today was a day to take a moment to enjoy our lives and relish in the beauty of nature after the turbulent storm last night.


Most stores were closed today along Michigan Avenue, including: Tiffany, Saks, Bloomindales, Zara, H&M, Filene's, Victoria's Secret and Neimans'.  Only a few stores were open, with Banana Republic and Macy's welcoming the few that ventured inside.  Most people were out enjoying the walk in the snow.

It's these moments after a devastating event for many that will be remembered for a lifetime.  The blizzard of 2011 will forever be held in our memories as we tell the story to generations to come 


Here are the final photos from the day after the storm.  Enjoy!

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