Chicago Blizzard Third Snowiest in History: Photo's

Astor Snowstorm.jpgThe storm pulled
out of
Chicago on Wednesday after dropping over 20-plus
inches of snow, with 8 foot snow drifts from 70 mph winds, leaving 800 cars
stuck on
Shore Drive
As many as 300 cars were still unclaimed on Friday. Others were digging out
their cars on the street happy that they could find their car.

Chicago received its third largest snowfall on record,
trailing the 1999 and the 1967 blizzards by a few inches.  What was different about the 2011 blizzard
was the "hurricane-like" winds that blew through the city, shaking everything
in its way. A Chicagoan that has lived through all of the
Chicago blizzards, I have never seen such a severe

As Chicago
continues to clean up the abundant snow by dumping it into the Chicago River
and piling it high on the side of the streets, its residents are slowly
recovering from the "Blizzard of 2011".
Children are back in school, people are back to work, yet the storm will
forever be remembered by those that experienced its furry.

Shoveling this
season has become the new form of exercise. 
With spring still two months away, many are already exhausted by this
winter.  Even O'Hare airport was slow to
recover from the storm, with flights oversold as passengers rebooked attempting
to just get out of

Temperatures are
expected to be in the single digits this week turning the mounds of snow into
ice.  It's like living in an igloo, my
friends say.  Well at least we have the
Superbowl to watch on Sunday! If only the Chicago Bears were in it, Chicagoans
may have been more forgiving of this storm.


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