Finally Off Unemployment! The Joy of Landing a Job.

Finally Off Unemployment! The Joy of Landing a Job.

unemployed is something that no one wants. For those lucky enough to receive
unemployment benefits it still is only a temporary solution to help survive
this economy until you find employment. 
Losing a job is devastating for not only yourself, but for other members
of the family that have to carry the load of making money to help support the
family during tough times.  The longer
someone is unemployed the more difficult it is on your relationship with your
partner and children, not to mention your self-esteem, which is deflated when you
are unemployed and unable to find work.


My dental
hygienist was stressed out over her husband losing his job as department
manager at Bed, Bath & Beyond. In his mid-thirties he had finally found
something he loved to do only to be laid off less than two years into his
career in management.  His education was
in accounting, but once in the field he found doing accounting work to be much
different than he anticipated.  He
enrolled in school to become a dental hygienist on his wife's recommendation.
She supported him and their two young children while he attended classes.


placed stress on her and their marriage, yet she stood by him until he failed
to pass the state exam a few times and couldn't get his license.  "Now what?" she said.  She said he needed to get a job to help
support their family; she was exhausted! Her husband found a job selling at
Bed, Bath & Beyond after searching for three months.  A natural salesperson he excelled and was
promoted to department manager within six months with the goal of becoming a
store manager. He loved his job and was proud of his accomplishments.  Then the recession hit and he became a
causality and on unemployment.

His wife once
again became the sole provider for the family while he looked for a job. He
networked, applied online and in person for any job that he could make money
at. He had worked for Ameritech in customer service and applied for jobs in
this area with no avail.  I revised his
resume and offered him some job tips and career assessment to help him in his
job search. He didn't want to be in sales, yet this is what he excelled in.


He was out of
work for fourteen months.  He finally tapped
into his network where his cousin worked at AT&T as a District manager and
asked her to let him know when a sales position opened in his
neighborhood.  One day she called him and
told him that they were hiring at the
Orland Park location and he needed to
apply immediately for the position on line. 
He acted on her advice and secured a phone interview.  He then met three times with the staff and
within a month was hired as a sales representative after a month of
training.  He said good-bye to
unemployment benefits.


After two months
on the job he is the number two sales person out of twenty-two sales
people.  He is bringing in business from
his contact base and has been approved to work overtime.  He is the star of this location.  He has regained his self confidence.  His wife is proud of him and she is finally
able to get some sleep knowing he is on a path to success. This is one of the
many stories of how people are surviving in this challenging economy.  It gives us all hope that a job can be found.
It is indeed a very Merry Christmas for him and his family.


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