Are You Entitled to Unemployment Benefits?

Are You Entitled to Unemployment Benefits?

unemployment -3.jpegWith the signing of the extention of Unemployment Benefit Insurance
last week more unemployed workers will have access to extended unemployment
benefits. The maximim length of benefits is still capped at 99- weeks, but the
new law will enable more workers to gain access to additonal coverage after
they have exhausted their state benefits. 
This is great news for unemployed workers struggling to get a job in our
sluggish economy. 


Yet, receiving unemployment benefits is not a guarantee unless you meet
the state criteria for the right to collect compensation.  The rules are straight forward, but are very
specific as to whether you qualify for benefits.  My guess is there are a number of people that
need financial aide that do not meet the state requirements for unemployment


The following are the basic guidelines for eligibility to collect
unemployment benefits in Illinois.  Be prepared before you file by adhering to
all of the requirements or you may be denied benefits.  Here are the guidelines:

You must be a U.S.
citizen or a registered legal immigrant.

You'll need to have a second form of identification such as a driver's
license or credit card with photo ID.

Have a social security number or registration number if you are a legal

You must have earned remuneration under insured employment.

Make sure to give accurate and complete information about your last
employer during the past two years including address, phone number, and
duration of employment.

You must be available and capable to work again.

You must have been fired from your last job for no fault of your own.

You need to provide information on your non-working spouse if
applicable, and supply his or her social security number.

Be able to provide all information regarding other income, such as
severance or retirement pay.

If you have a dependent spouse or children you will receive allowance
for them as well.


You will be disqualifed for unemployment benefits if you:


Have resigned from your job

Were terminated owing to misconduct

Refused to take on any new employment

You are or were involved in a labor dispute

You join your workplace


With so many people filing unemployment claims and the increase in
unemployment fraud it is critical that you abide by the standards set by the
State.  If you were forced to quit a job
due to an abusive boss or harassment you can ask for a hearing and may still be
eligible for benefits depending on the circumstance.


For further information on unemployment benefits in Illinois
call (888)337-7243 or go to the web site at



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