(5) Tips for Dealing With Unemployment During the Holidays

(5) Tips for Dealing With Unemployment During the Holidays

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Christmas Eve is upon us and most offices are closed today to give employees an opportunity to prepare for Christmas.  With Christmas on Saturday this year and New Years Eve next Friday there won't be much business conducted over the next couple of weeks.  When you are looking for a job these two weeks it can drive you crazy knowing that nothing is going to get done and any job you are applying for is on hold.


When you are unemployed and eager to get back in the work force the holidays can lead to frustration and depression, making you feel isolated. It seems like everyone else's life is moving forward while you are stuck in mud!  Holidays are the most challenging time for the unemployed, yet if you understand this and have the right mind-set you'll enjoy these next few weeks and enter the New Year feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your job search with a renewed spirit.


Here are some tips to survive the next two weeks:


1.  Call and see people you feel good about that are nurturing and add value to your life.  This is a time you need to connect to people that are looking out for your best interest.  Invite them over for a movie, a glass of wine or hot chocolate.


2.  Take out your old photos and memorabilia of times when you felt great about yourself and what you were doing in your life.  This will remind you just how special you are and the contribution to life you have made over the years.


3.  Eat healthy and drink less alcohol.  Take walks and look around at nature. Walk along the Lake or visit the Zoo or take a long walk through the Park.  This will help you clear your head and deal with the anxiety you may be feeling.


4. Stop by the Anti- Cruelty Society and play with a puppy.  Don't adopt the puppy! You need to stay focused on your job search and your own life.  Or volunteer at your Church or Salvation Army to feed the homeless.  There are people who are worse off than you are and you need to see this.


5. Clean out the clutter in your closets and drawers.  Discard or donate items you don't need anymore. This will make you feel productive and that you accomplished something that you have control of.


Holidays are difficult for most people whether they are employed, unemployed, wealthy or poor. The emotions tied in with the holidays runs deep.  Take a warm bath with a good book and a glass of wine and take a deep breath, knowing tomorrow is another day and good things really are around the corner.


Merry Christmas!!! To all good things to come.  

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