(5) Tips for Dealing With a Bad Job

(5) Tips for Dealing With a Bad Job

bad jobs-2.jpgWith our economy struggling to recover as the unemployment rate remains
close to 10%, it is not the time to leave a job, until you find another one.
Some employees are experiencing intolerabe work environments as companies take
advantage of their workers, knowing it's difficult to find alternative


A former collegue of mine was forced to put her start-up business on
hold when her husband's company cut back his salary by 25%. She needed a job,
quickly, and had no access to unemployment benefits.    She works as a trainer for a software


The company she works at has been in business for 10 years and is a "sweatshop",
where mostly 30-something workers are expected to preform in an impossible
working environment.  The owner of the
company won't invest in business cards or land line phones for his employees!
He uses a free VOIP system download (virtual phone lines) that is often so full
of static and dropped calls, it is difficult to conduct business.


This company also has a "team e-mail" that alerts the entire
company if one of the employees is late to work.  He also docks salaried employees for time
off.  The company also doesn't celebrate
any holidays what so ever and there is no aknowlegement of good work done by his
employees.  Sounds like jail to me, yet
she needs the money, until she or her husband can find another job.


So how do you deal with working in a toxic job environment? 


1.) Don't let the job you are doing define who you are. Keep focused on
the tasks you are doing, rather than the overall environment in the firm.  Keep in mind that you are using the company
for your immediate needs and the day will come when circumstances change and
you can leave the toxic company.


2) The good news about working at a firm that you know is a temporary
financial solution is that you do not have to fully invest yourself in the
company knowing they don't value human capital. 
Just do your job during the day and leave it at the office at night and
weekends, freeing your mind to focus on your job search.


3). Make an extra effort to stay connected to people in your industry
to stay current on what is happening in your job industry  Get involved in business associations where
you can contribute your time and ideas.  This
will help your self-esteem.


4.) Purchase a self-help book or read a book by an author that inspires
you. This is the time to learn tools to deal with your current situation.  There are many great books out there to chose
from, just Google the term self-help on Amazon.


5.)  Review your current finances
in detail with an accountant or financial planner to see if there are ways you
can get a better return on your investmest and/or cut back spending.  If you have better financial stability you
will be able to leave your toxic job, sooner.


Remember that most of us have had lousy jobs with abusive bosses and
circumstances, and have survived.  Don't
panic, you will not be in that toxic job, forever.  Just make sure that your current company is
not breaking any employment laws that could lead to your detriment in the


To a better year in the job market! 2011 can only improve!


Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

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