Republicans win Big in the Election: Healthcare Bill & Job Loss Dooms the Democrats

Republicans win Big in the Election: Healthcare Bill & Job Loss Dooms the Democrats

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The numbers are still coming in across the nation on Tuesday night but the trend is a huge victory for the Republicans who took over the House of Representatives breaking the Democratic hold on government.  Voters who are angry with the healthcare reform bill, the lack of jobs and the impending tax increases voted for change.


And, change they got.  The Tea party and Republicans are gaining seats in the Senate, House and Governor's race, making this election one the most contentious in the history of our government.  The Democrats had the power to make change and the American people are rebelling against the decisions that they see are worsening their plight.


In one exit poll, 84% of the voters were opposed to the Healthcare Reform Bill which I noted had increased health insurance policies between 20-40% for 2011.  This bill was supposed to reduce costs for healthcare and instead is increasing the cost of health insurance for both the employees and employers', making the health insurance companies the only winner with this bill.


Unemployment remains stubbornly high at 9.9 % in Illinois and over 10% in many areas of the country.  Without further extension of unemployment compensation that has been stalled in the Senate, workers that are still unemployed and facing the end of their benefits, the fear of having no income is becoming reality.  In another exit poll 41% of the voters said that someone lost a job in their household.


New York has held onto its Democratic seats and California candidate Jerry Brown is in the lead, but the states like Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin are all losing Democratic leaders.  Illinois's highly contested race for Governor is still in play at this writing with Governor Quinn leading by 2% over Republican Brady.  It's going to be a very close race.


Obama's Senate seat is still in play with Brady closing in on Giannoulias.  My prediction is that Republican Brady will win this race.  This victory will add to the already high number of Republicans that have already taken over Senate seats though still will not have the majority.


I voted for President Obama.  I am truly an Independent that also voted for George W. Bush in this first term.  I am disappointed by Obama's obsession to rush through a healthcare bill that was not in the best interest of most Americans.  I am angry that we keep pumping more money into the economy when what it needs is to heal and grow at its own pace.  I believe in a Capitalist country, not a Socialist nation where the government steps in to "fix" the economy.


The Republicans deserved to win tonight.  I just hope they do a better job than the Democrats in holding down government spending and healthcare reform.  Perhaps, a balance of thoughts, ideas and vision with both parties working together is what we need.  I just hope they can work together and finally lead our country out of this mess we are in.




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  • This confirms what the Republicans have been saying that Americans in general want the health care reform to be repealed. Most citizens were actually satisfied with the health care they have until the Democrats told them they need something else.

    Anne C
    NY Health Insurer

  • In reply to AnneC:

    Anne, thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you. I was satisfied by my health insurance coverage; not overjoyed, but it was manageable. I was looking for a cut in precription costs which is what most of us need and what I got was a 35% increase on basic coverage and prescriptions. This healthcare bill needs to be repealed and looked at again.

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