Job Outlook for 2011: Cleaning Bed Pans & Mining Coal

Job Outlook for 2011: Cleaning Bed Pans & Mining Coal


There are 3 million jobs available in the U.S.
according to one of the recent reports on CNBC. 
I was surprised to hear just how many jobs were open for job hunters in
need of a job, pronto! The latest figures shows about 8 million unemployed
workers and many more "underemployed" individuals all seeking work in
areas they are educated in and are experienced in doing.  Yet, many of these workers will end up doing something
totally different than what they thought they would be doing in their career in
order to survive,


In an effort not to sound like a pessimist or outdated in my outlook on
the job market, I have spoken to numerous recent college graduates who support my
opinion that their is a general lack of jobs in the traditional, more interesting
areas, like public relations, marketing, media, fashion design, some areas of
law, like mergers & acquisitions, accounting and the financial areas.  All of these sectors are core jobs that
colllege students studied for by getting an undergraduate degree in finance, communications
or marketing.


Some of the workers that have gotten a job in their industry did it by
interning at the company that hired them before they actually needed a job.
They established relationships while they interned which led to a job; they
were smart and lucky!  Many of them are also
working 2-3 part-time jobs to afford their rent.  Welcome to our new economy where having numerous
jobs to make a living is the norm.  Some
workers are taking jobs for the health insurance since some companies will pay
for it if they work at least 30 hours.


What about the rest of the unemployed that didn't get a job while
interning or have been out in the workplace for a few decades and got laid off,
but can't get back into the only industry they know?  This is the real story in this economy.  It's not necessarily about a total lack of
jobs, rather the lack of the "right" jobs!  There's just too many job hunters all going
for the same jobs. 


Not too long ago, securing a job with the federal government was
reasonably easy; not anymore.  With federal
wages out pacing the private sector, good healthcare benefits and a pension, which
in my opinion will cost the taxpayers an enormous amount of money, job
candidates have determined that this is where they want to be.  There's more security in the public sector
than the private sector these days. Unfortunately, the competition for these
jobs is fierce for the above reasons.


So where are the jobs going to be for the next 10 years?  Right now it appears to be in healthcare, in
all levels, particularily in nursing, home healthcare and specialty
surgeons.  For most of us, becoming a doctor
is not an option. The jobs in the healthcare field are as a home care aide, a
nurse or nurse's aide.  Get ready to
clean some bed pans because the baby boomers still have some money left and
they want to be well cared for in their old age.  They'll spend their children's inheritance to
stay at home rather than going to a nursing home!


The other job that is in fierce demand is a coal miner!  This is no surprise since it has to be the
most unappreciated job on the planet! 
The rate of mortality at a young age and horrible bouts with lung cancer
for coal miners is alarmingly high. The pay compared to other labor workers is
low and the working conditions are below par compared with most construction
sites.  The workers who do this job tend
to be uneducated, live an area that it's the only job available or have other family
members whose life is working in the coal mine.

So both of these top careers for getting a job aren't what I would
aspire to.  I'm beginning to think that
becoming a hair dresser is the way to go. 
I'd rather cut the babyboomers hair than clean their bedpans!  In the meantime, just keep networking,
getting as much training and education as you can afford and watching for
trends in hiring that you can apply your unique skills. 


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