(10) Tips for Staying Focused in Your Job Search

(10) Tips for Staying Focused in Your Job Search

career development image.jpgSo you've
been laid off from IBM or Kraft and are now collecting unemployment benefits.
You've been getting your unemployment check, paring down your spending and
hoping that you'll have enough money to support yourself until you find another
job. You are applying for jobs on Career Builder, Monster.com, Ladders and
LinkedIn, while posting your latest photos on Facebook. Now what do you do?


The biggest
mistake I see job seekers do when looking for a job is not focusing on their
job search in a meaningful way. When you are accustomed to working for a
company with your duties defined, having no structure can be overwhelming! It's
very easy to get sidetracked from your goal of finding a job. There's a lot of
clutter out there in the marketplace that will lead you nowhere.


When you are
looking to reposition yourself in your career, you need to clear your calendar
and to focus on only one mission; to find a job!  Here are some tips to help you remain focused
on your goals to get you back in the workplace.


(1.) Set up a
comfortable work area in your apartment or house with all the tools you need
close by. Make sure you have good lighting.


(2.) Set up a
schedule for yourself for your job hunt. 
Your day should be organized into three areas: searching for potential
job openings, responding to job leads and postings, and networking/follow-up.


(3.) Stay
away from the refrigerator and the TV. 
Both of these are unneeded distractions. 
Eating too many snacks will make you lethargic and fat.  Watching the news or Oprah will distract you
from your work.


(4.) Put your
volunteer and charity activities on hold until you find a job.  They take up too much time and usually don't
help you in your job search, unless you are interning in an area of work you
are interested in working in.


(5.) Stay off
of the social media sites during the day. 
Respond to your Facebook friends after


(6.)  Don't blog unless you are paid for it.  Blogging is a major time commitment and
rarely leads to a new job or career.  It
is a great tool to develop your brand, but this takes time.  When you are out of work you don't have time
to blog.


(7.) Remind
your friends and family that you can't communicate with them during work hours,
9-5 and they should contact you after
5pm unless it's an emergency.


(8.) Use your
lunch hour to meet with people that may be able to help you find a job.  It's important to use this time for useful leads
for your search. Attend networking events whenever possible.

(9.) Stay
organized by developing a spreadsheet listing of who you are going to contact,
where you sent your resume and what companies/people you need to meet.  Update this list daily.


(10.) Remind
your partner, roommate or significant other that you are not available to run
errands or do household chores during your work hours.

Finding a job
requires more focus and effort than being employed!  People that get a job are focused in their
mission and have good follow-up because they are organized.  Looking for a job is like being a salesperson
with you as the product you are selling.  Rather than reading another book on the job
market and resume writing, it's time you'd pick up one of the many books
available on the art of selling and apply the lessons learned to your job

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