Taking Time Out in Your Career to Find Yourself

Taking Time Out in Your Career to Find Yourself

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The large corporations like, IBM, Cisco, Morningstar, Boeing, and Allstate are all in the drivers' seat when it comes to hiring. Many job seekers these days seem to be high on adrenaline while trying to figure out how to get a job, develop their brand to get more business, or how re-invent themselves for a new career.  This economy has us all on overload trying to stay one step ahead of the career game, so we don't lose out.


Is it time to sit on the sidelines and re-group?  Perhaps, this is an opportune time in your life to make a change in your career and lifestyle?  When we push too hard for something to work, it becomes an exhausting uphill battle.  And, when you are tired, frazzled and desperate it shows in the interviewing process.  No one wants to hire someone in this state.


Having breakfast with a new business friend this week, I asked her about her career in public relations.  She's an account manager at a large PR firm here in Chicago and is in her mid-thirties.  Happy with her current position, she shared with me her story.


She worked for her sister's PR firm for a number of years and liked it, but wasn't sure the industry was for her, so she took a job as an executive assistant for a CEO and hated it!  Disillusioned and unsure what she wanted to do in her life, she needed a "time-out" to find herself.  Not afraid of adventure, she applied for a job program overseas, actually the Red Sea at a rustic hotel.


She actually paid them $700 to get the job for a 6-month engagement.  She needed to clear her head and get away from the business world for awhile and away from everyone else's expectations of her.  Working long hours at this hotel on the coast where it was windy and cool, she met people from all over the world all searching for something.


The break gave her a renewed confidence in herself and time to evaluate what made her happy.  The hotel covered her expenses and she was paid for her time.  She wrote a diary of her feeling s and experiences and when the 6 months were over, she was ready to come back to the US and start a job search.


Refreshed and focused she was able to handle an intense job search where she landed at a small PR firm, but was back in her industry, ready to tackle it.  A few years later she was hired by her current company and doesn't regret her decision.  She says, "This adventure helped me look beyond my job and get in tune with myself and what I really wanted to do.  It was a turning point in my life, an experience I will never forget."


Maybe traveling all the way to the Red Sea isn't for you, but in concept this woman has the right idea.  Sometimes in life when we feel boxed in and unable to figure what we want and where we are going.  Take a time-out and gain strength in who you are and what you offer, not only in your career but also in life.  We all have intrinsic value, sometimes it just takes a little longer to find you.

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