Chicago Summer Comes to an End: A New Beginning

Labor Day at Oak Sreeet Beach- Chicago.jpg

Oak Street Beach on Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day has passed and Halloween candy is stocked in the CVS and Walgreen stores. The children are back to school and hot, tanned college students are back on campus now drinking at the local pub, instead of Lincoln Ave or on Oak Street Beach.  Summer is over.


Bloomingdale's and Macy's held their Labor Day sale where I bought my first fall suit and suede boots.  I spent part of the weekend rummaging through my closet sorting through mounds of clothes that I have collected over the years.  Many of them don't fit right and need to be tailored, others will never fit and some just need to be thrown away.  My shoes are falling on my head and will also need some clearing out.


The end of summer represents to me a new beginning for positive change to set the stage for the New Year.  It's a time to start thinking about what changes need to be made to insure a balanced life.  This is when I evaluate what I want to keep in my life and what I need to let go. One year, I let go of a husband, but this year I'll keep, Pat; I always do.


I take time to evaluate just who my real friends are that support me as I do them.  I make sure I am not overextended in my philanthropic commitments by taking on more than I can handle.  I continue to work toward my goal of using my skills to help people and make money by doing what I love.


Take this time before the holidays come to do the same.  Take an inventory of your life and make sure you are living it the way you choose, not how other people want you to live it.  Take time to live in the moment and still plan for your future.  Keep making your dreams become a reality.


And, as far as the summer goes, I say good-bye with some fond memories with some photos at Oak Street Beach and my Yorkie puppy, Charley, who I brought this summer and look to the future.



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