Hot, Steamy & Naked: Chicago Summer Coming to an End!

Lollapalooza is over as is the Chicago Air & Water Show and the Forth of July celebration here in Chicago.  The toned, tanned college kids no longer can be seen playing volley ball on Oak Street Beach in their killer bikinis that I can only remember wearing.  More runners, less sun bathers signal that the Chicago Marathon is nearing. I sat on Oak Street Beach this weekend in my sun chair from Walgreen's sweating like I was in a sauna while lamenting that summer is almost over!


Summer in the City-3.jpg

Summer in Chicago

I live four blocks from the Oak Street Beach where I have been a regular for almost twenty years.  It's always been a place of comfort for me over the years.  On a good day, it reminds me of South Beach especially with the Palm trees surrounding the popular and only restaurant on the beach, Beachstro.

The first beach experience I can remember was in Jacksonville, Florida where we stopped as a family driving down to Pompano Beach, just north of Ft. Lauderdale.  I was 12 years old and obsessed with seeing the beach wanting to bury my feet in the cold, wet sand and body surf in the warm salt water of the ocean.

I will never forget the first time I saw the thunderous wave's crash along the Florida shoreline where the swells were bigger than I was.  It was to me the most beautiful sight in the world.  It is still is.  Chicago beaches this time of year remind me of ocean as the waves increase in size.

We've had a hot, steamy summer this year that some complained about.  But without our summers here in Chicago what would this city be?  We all live for summer in this city, a well deserved break from our Artic winters.  So, for those of you who have complained about this summer's heat, buy a sand chair on sale at Walgreen's and find a moment to experience the last days of summer and put your feet in the sand, just don't body surf!


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