Smart Tips for getting a Job: A better approach

Smart Tips for getting a Job: A better approach

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Your Career Coach-Terri Lee Ryan

It's time to take a new approach to your job search in this intensely competitive job market filled with many more job candidates than jobs.  You'll need to be creative in what company you chose to contact, how you reach out to a hiring manager and when you contact them.


Rarely have I acquired a job on-line, from a newspaper ad or a recruiter.  Especially in a pro company market when the odds of getting a job in this manner are remote. Candidates spend much time and money on composing a perfect resume and cover letter, then blanket the market without thought with their resume and wait for a phone call from a company they think will be intrigued by their skills.


Maybe you're one of the lucky one who is called in for an interview. Yet, for many the phone call never comes and they become more anxious every day as to why no one has contacted them about a job. While working as a recruiter at an executive search firm, I received hundreds of resumes when in the rare occasion I posted a position on the internet; more resumes than I had the patience to read.  I quickly skimmed through as many as I could and tried to give them all a look, but chose the first three resumes I saw that met the job description.


If this isn't bad enough, many of the firms post the positions internally before the position even goes to the market and many of the firms offer employee referral cash bonuses to the employees who can refer a candidate for an open position.  See how the numbers are not in your favor?  Going cold is not the best method to interview. 


Finding a job you desire takes a commitment of research and time.  Look at the search as a marketing project and try to have some fun with the process.  This is a journey and the people you meet along the way may potentially help your career.


Here are a few tips on how to look for a job in a more effective manner:


  1. You need to identify the companies you would like to work at instead of just responding to open positions at companies.  The best method to acquire the names of the hiring managers is to research the internet and business publications for company reports and promotions which should give you some background on the company and person.  For further information, Google the name of the person you are seeking information on. 

2. Once you have the name and background on your target, pick up the phone and call them.  Try calling before 8am and after 6pm when most executives are in their office without their support staff.  Most often because you don't have their direct telephone number, unless you're really good at internet research, you will reach an automated company directory.

  1.  Tell them who you are and why you have selected their company to call and if they would spend a few minutes with you to help coach you in their industry.  Most people love to coach. Even when they are busy.  It's all in how you approach them by not asking them for a job.  You need information and advice from them, not a job. All you will need is a few coaches and you will be on the inside where the jobs are in your given industry with a referral from one of these coaches.  Believe me it works like a charm.


It's time to wake up out of the doldrums in your job hunt.  If you are still unemployed after 6 months, it's time to do things differently.  You and only you can make it happen.  Don't depend on friends and family.  In the end it will be you that finds a way to get a job or new career.







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