More jobs for IT Contract workers: Is business getting better?

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IT Recruiter-Todd Harootyan

The hiring of temporary IT workers is on the increase! So are IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Chase bank hiring temporary IT employees?  Is our economy really improving? Are there more jobs?


Increased hiring of temporary workers is typically a sign that an economy is getting better.  Economists watch these figures closely as a prediction of an improving job market and business cycle.   


I spoke with recruiter Todd Harootyan who incidently I met at the Blackhawk's rally; turns out he is a hockey player when not sourcing talent.  Todd works for a quality technology recruiting firm, Hudson,, in its Chicago office.  I asked him if the market for IT contractors has improved of late.


After 15 years of tech recruiting, I must tell you that Todd knows the tech space and what skills an IT candidate should have to survive their career.  He says there have been an increasing amount of requests for temporary technology workers since the beginning of 2010. "It's as if everyone wanted 2009 to just be over, so they could focus on going forward." Todd said.


The average life of his contract positions is 9-months and most of the positions he fills are for programmers, QA, DBA and Business Administrators.  He has seen a real up tick in requests for these positions within the past couple of months, but said that employers are still sluggish in hiring a contractor. "They are taking too long to hire a contractor not wanting to miss out on a better candidate knowing there are more people out of work than jobs.  This may have worked before but now they are missing out on talent." Todd emphasizes.


I asked him what he looked for in an IT job candidate and he said he looks for at least of 5 years experience with 6-10 years being more of the norm.  They must have C++ and/or Java experience, a CIS degree, Sun and Java certificates is also a plus. 


Todd offered advice on what an IT candidate should do to further improve and survive their career in technology.  He suggested the following:


  1. Pick a platform, lanquage,and application; become an expert
  2. Get a CIS degree
  3. Select a business sector and focus on it
  4. Look at sectors that are less prone to a recession like healthcare, insurance and some areas of the financial sector, like banking.   
  5. Stay current on technology by looking forward and making sure your skill set is current if what you do is becoming obsolete
  6. Be aware of areas that are being outsourced to India or other countries overseas 

Todd can be contatced at  Make sure you have the skills needed before you contact him.  It appears that the IT job market is going the right direction after many months of losses.  The technology sector usually leads the way for a recovery, so hopefully this is good news for all job hunters.


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  • There's a real downside to being an IT contractor at major corp. I'm IT full-time employee at a big place where our contractors get a major 2nd-class citizen treatment from the managers and other techs. I feel it's gotta completely suck knowing you're viewed as an overpaid outsider who can be cut loose at anytime for no good reason. On the positive side, it makes permanent guys like me appreciate the benefits package and forget about the internal politics and Dilbert management.

  • In reply to marksgood2:

    Hi Mark- Thanks for the comment. Why do you think that the IT temps are treated so badly by company management and permanent IT workers? Is it the temps or the company that contribute to this or both? Just trying to get a perspective on this. Thanks! T.

  • In reply to marksgood2:

    I'd mostly point the finger at company. I can't really say why management treats them poorly except to say they know contractors can't run to HR like employees can. I would guess they get dumped on by regular techs because many feel threatened. Techies hate to get shown up. We like to act like we're overloaded with work but then when mgmt brings in somebody from the outside we get resentful. What can I say? We're an insecure group.

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