Help for Executives: Leadership Coaching

Apple, Microsoft and E-bay's executives provide exceptional
leadership that makes it difficult to compete in their sector.  Success is not only about the product or
service offered, it's a direct result of how well managed these companies are
in a sluggish economy.

Dr. John Behr.JPGBusinesses need better executives these days to lead the
helm to get us out of this deep recession. 
Even the best of our leader's need some career coaching to help them
better understand the skills they offer and how to apply them to the betterment
of companies.

I contend that the
image, value system and financials of a company always start at the top with
the CEO and upper level management. 
There is no doubt that they set the tone for a company and its

With intense pressure on many executives for continued
increase in profits they are in need of their own coaching to help them better
weather this sluggish economy.  I had the
opportunity to meet with seasoned Executive Coach, John A. Behr, PhD, who has a
unique life coaching program for higher level executives.  His three-hour session is called, EXEC Lifetime™. 

This comprehensive executive coaching program is a hard
hitting career assessment for executives that uncovers opportunities for growth
and provides a path for next steps in their career.  I asked Dr. Behr why he started this program
and he had this to say, "While working with over 2,000 executives on
traditional testing and interview based assessments, I recognized there was a
need to provide an assessment analysis that executives could rapidly apply to
their lives."

The result of his efforts is a comprehensive assessment of
executives' skills that results in a breakthrough or least a takeaway for a
client.  He says that a successful
session may range from simply confirming something important that his client
already knows to uncovering something new that can be life changing. In both
cases, he helps his clients to leverage insights toward action, in their life
and career.

He received his undergraduate degree at Marquette
and his Masters/PhD at Illinois Institute of Technology here in Chicago
in Industrial /Organizational Psychology. 
Dr. Behr is passionate about helping executives help themselves by
finding out what empowers them.  In his
program he helps the individual to unveil one core strength or challenge to see
where it comes from, what it looks like, and what to do to about it.

Dr. Behr is hosting an introductory (2) hr. seminar for
interested parties on June 18th from 1-3pm
at 225 W. Washington St, in
downtown Chicago.  For more information contact him at John or (312)882-6224.

I have taken Dr. Behr's program and in a very short time he
targeted an issue I had that was problematic and something I had not looked at.
 It was if he saw right into my soul! As
Dr Behr says, "My goal is not to have my client have to come back". This is
refreshing response in the world of psychology, where it all about "coming
back" talking about the same issues, without resolve.



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  • Good example on how leadership coaching can allow for perceptions to evolve by the person-being-coached.
    For why every CEO needs a coach, go to:

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    Thanks for your comment and the link! Also, good information.

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