Fire on the redline subway: Casualities unknown

Chicago fire fighters, ambulances and helicopters were on hand to deal with an apparent fire on the redline subway on Sunday Father's Day around 5pm as onlookers watched in disbelief and people continued to eat dinner at Gibsons.

State street was closed between Oak and Elm with traffic being diverted to Michigan Avenue.  Heavy smoke eminated from the grates above the subway while firefighters entered the stairs in front of Newberry plaza.

Emergency vehicles were also at the Clark & Division subway entrance blocking the traffic. It looked as if the firefighters were attempting to access the el from numerous locations to address the fire and save the people who were on the train.

The last I saw was the emergency teams waiting while the firefighters and medical response teams worked below to deal with the issue.  This is not something I would noramlly write about but the urgency of the situation prompted me to alert the people of Chicago.

I have not seen anything on the news at this point,, but suggest you look for reports later in the evening.  I wish the best for all involved.

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