Chicago Corporations support Gay Pride: Photos of the parade


WGN-TV at the Gay Pride parade

It was a big day for gay pride as Chicago employees of local businesses, Sara Lee, Bank of America, WGN-TV, ComEd, CTA, Illinois Lottery, Columbia College and many others joined in the Gay Pride parade proudly representing their company's support of gay rights. All looked happy to have jobs, too!


This year the Gay Pride parade was filled with more companies than I have ever seen in past years showing the thousands of onlookers that they are supportive of the gay workers within their firms. 


It was a sight to seen with scantily dressed trannies in 5-inch heels with small bathing suit tops barely covering their breast implants, lesbian women holding hands, and gay men singing to ABBA's song, "Dancing Queen."


Even the Stanley Cup made an appearance in the parade honoring the gay hockey team!  The usual politicians were on hand for the publicity, sweating in the sweltering heat, while representatives from every religious denomination possible walked the parade, even the Catholics were represented!


It seemed this year that everyone who was somebody in this town was in the parade.  Local celebrities and socialites, alike, were on floats.  Even local Rolex dealer Howard Frum Jewelers sponsored the legendary Baton Club (Female impersonators) with local socialites on the float proudly waving to the audience!  How times have changed! It's hip now to be featured with drag queens!


Whether you support gay rights or not, it was apparent that corporations have come a long way in supporting their gay/lesbian workers by putting their name on the floats and associating with this event.  In many ways it was a victory for the gays who would no longer have to hide their lifestyle.


At the very least, for the gays/lesbians this was their day.  It felt good to finally be accepted for who they are and to be openly supported by their employers.  Perhaps, we can all learn more about acceptance in a time we need to be unifed, not fractured.


Enjoy the photos!







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  • I participated in the parade when I worked for a radio station that was in it and it was the most awesome experience.

  • This is the difference between gay and straight. It

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