Bad jobs can lead to a successful career: One man's story

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Tony Fitzpatrick-artist, poet, playwright, actor and survivor

Surviving in this relenting economy takes perseverance.  Some people have done this all their life without working at corporations like Allstate and Kraft.


A boxer, bouncer, bartender, construction worker, doorman, artist, playwright, actor, and poet, meet Chicago born Tony Fitzpatrick who has done it all.  Each job he did with commitment and determination, while trying to find himself.


Artist/Writer/Actor Tony Fitzpatrick reminds us that it takes luck, time and talent to find what suits us best.  I attended an interview with this icon hosted by veteran journalist and media personality Rick Kogan last night at the historic Maxim's. 


Once a construction worker, Tony kept his union card until he was 40, even after he won a Jeff award for portraying the murderer James Huberty in the play he also scripted, Mass Murderer and had his art in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  He kept it just in case his artistic career didn't take off and he needed to go back to construction.


Hearing Tony speak last night reminded me that we all go through life doing different things to survive while trying to figure out what we do best and make a living it.  A career is a journey, not the end.  It often takes us a lifetime to be in a place where we are happy with what we are doing.


Making money helps, but it's not the end all.  I know plenty of people that make money for the sake of having things, yet aren't satisfied with their lives.  Having a successful career is more about balance, the balance of having enough money to live the lifestyle you choose and to be able to tap into your talent and passion.


Everyone has a different path in life to follow.  Remember even when times are tough try to enjoy the journey even when you don't know where you are headed.  All the things you do in life make you who we are.  As it has often been said, "The money will come when you do the things you love."


Listen to the entire interview on WGN-720's Morning Papers show hosted by the one and only, Rick Kogan. Also, check out Tony Fitzpatrick's play, This Train, at the Steppenwolf's Merle Rskin GArage Theatre, July 15-August 1st.   





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