Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?


Time for a shoe shine

Have all the good jobs in this economy just vanished? Even in my business of career management, I feel like I am missing something, like enough clients.  In this market I should have many more, but yet no one really wants to pay for services when they can get free advice on the internet! 


 Yet, I have had it worse as I am sure many of you have.  Most of us have had bad jobs in our work history.  As I tell my clients, Brad Pitt once dressed up as a chicken to support himself!  Now, we watch his every move in rag magazines as he keeps fathering more babies with Angelina Jolie.


I have enough calling cards to wallpaper my bathroom.  I blame this on my career in selling, where you are only as good as you last sale, but it probably has more to do with my short attention span.  It all started when I left my career as a radio reporter to make more money by selling radio advertising.  I was in my early twenties at the time when I thought that the early choices I made in my career, didn't matter.   I just wanted to make more money, so I could live in a nice apartment and buy designer shoes. 



I left my passion for writing to pursue a career in sales.  Journalism doesn't pay much at the beginning, and they work you to death making you cover news stories at all hours of the night.  As many twenty-some year olds, I didn't plan my career by looking too far into the future. 


I chose selling as a vocation to make some cash and learned it wasn't as easy as it looked.  Selling is not a vocation that you can really be taught, even though there are hundreds of books out there on the sales process that offer tips on prospecting, closing deals and self motivation, but in the end you're alone in finding a way to close a sale.


My first sales job in Chicago was as a sales rep for a country music radio station.  My

first client list was the Yellow Pages.  It wasn't what I expected, but there were many names to choose from.   My job was to call on businesses and convince them to advertise on our radio station. 


I drove all over the Chicago metro area in my used Chevy, looking for business, eating lunch in my car and driving through the Chicago snowstorms.  I felt like a truck driver, in heels.  Was this all there was to my life? 


I've come a long way since those early years in my career or at least I'd like to think so!  Yet, my message to you all today is to remember that as long as you are alive you will have job opportunities at some point.  Maybe in the end what really counts is our journey.  Perhaps there is no perfect job! 


Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Remember our troops.  I'm off for some R&R.  See you Monday!




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