Chicago Now Radio: Networking opportunity for bloggers

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Co-host Alex Quigley with bloggers Sacha & CateThe Chicago Tribune's Chicago Now radio party last night at English Pub for the Chicago Now blogger and friends, rocked!  Chicago Now radio and blogging executives were on hand to greet their bloggers.  Warm, accommodating and fun, I can not say enough great things about this committed team of people.

As a fairly new blogger who deals wit career issues, I found that many of the bloggers were looking for more work or for a job.  Blogging is fun, but doesn't pay much.  Yet, everyone used their networking skills and made connections.  It was networking at its finest. The bloggers ranged from a golf pro, to trivia experts to an architect. 
Between holding my wine and shaking hands, I tried to get as many cards as possible. The people I met were talented and creative professionals who openly shared their personal stories on life and career challenges.

Many of these people had met before and seemed genuinely interested in each others progress. They read one another blogs and commented on recent postings.  I was impressed by how well this group networked.

The scene was casual and friendly with the Chicago Now executives and radio personalities making sure to chat with everyone.  My only change would be to move to a room with more light; everyone looked the same to me.  I think it's time for new glasses.
Thanks, Tracy, Jimmy, Dan, Kevin, Alex and Amy for being gracious hosts to your blogging "family". You're helping more people than you'll ever know! .

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