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This GEEKend: Uchi-Con, Berlin, and Super Bowl Alternatives

I swear, you give Chicago a 10-degree temperature increase, and EVERYBODY wants to go outside! I am no exception. I’m thrilled to have enough events in my Inbox, again, to warrant a “This GEEKend” post. I’m even publishing it on a Wednesday, due to popular demand. <3 Sunday, of course, is Super Bowl XLIX. The... Read more »

UChi-Con 2013 Recap: When You're Popular, You Run Out of Stuff.

Pretty ragdoll Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Accurate fabrics, and her shoes were heel-less high heels.  Wild!
I got a Canon Rebel t3i from my geek guy this Christmas, and had been itching to photograph some local cosplayers.  I finally got the opportunity last Saturday at UChi-Con.  As explained in a previous article, UChi-Con is a free, annual anime convention presented by the University of Chicago Japanese Animation Society.  The event is... Read more »

This GEEKend: UChi-Con 2013, a FREE Anime Convention

Once Upon a Time, eleven years ago, the University of Chicago Japanese Animation Society threw a party.  It was apparently a glorified viewing party with snacks.  Er, wee~!  Now, UChi-Con is a full-day event with multiple programming rooms, guests, contests, cafes, and more.   …Did I mention it’s this Saturday?  I can’t wait!  Check out... Read more »

BREAKING: Brave NATO for a Seat at the UChicago Comics Conference

Just when I thought NATO was only going to bring frustration, I got word from UChicago’s Comics Conference:  People waiting outside are getting seats!! A little background info:  Through this weekend, seventeen massive contributors to American comics are gathering to discuss the genre.  The official title is Comics: Philosophy and Practice.  You won’t find DC... Read more »