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This GEEKend: Karoshi-Con, Danger Room, and Trek Trivia

I just got some lovely news: The Chicago Video Game Law Summit, where I am speaking tomorrow, has sold out! I’m thrilled that the event has gathered such support. In the wake of GamerGate, a reasonable, educational discussion is VITAL. That said, I feel pretty intimidated. Most of the sample questions I received were well... Read more »

The Simpsons pub trivia is SUPER SERIOUS.

Picture this- it’s 6PM in Chicago, the warmest evening in March. The doors of Pizzeria Serio are about to open for Simpsons Trivia, hosted by Neil Arsenty. A camera crew is setting up; a Simpsons trivia documentary is filming tonight. Trivia questions won’t start for another hour, but the line to get in is down... Read more »

This GEEKend: Kollision Con, Mighty Con, and Doctor Who Trivia

The Force was not with me today.  I spent hours out in the cold for the Star Wars open casting call, only to be turned away.  I expected it; thousands of people were inevitably going to rise up from this geeky city.  However, I am still disappointed.  We were there more than 3 hours before... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Books, Trivia, and One Massive Con

Golly gee, ChicagoNow audience.  I sure do like you- the X-Wing doodles in your notebook, the way you look at LOLCats when your boss isn’t paying attention. You make my heart go pitter-patter.  I just wanna get to know you better, and talk nerdy to you, and take you to amazing events like these: MONDAY the 8th... Read more »