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Join Chicago's First Arcade Tournament League... at a Discount!

Beercades (that’s “beer arcades,” gentle reader) are popping up all over Chicago.  Emporium and Headquarters are opening second locations.  I just visited Replay for the first time.  They’re all a blast, but I’m admittedly easy to please.  Beer + video games = My Happy Place. If there’s any downside to beercades, it’s their overwhelming popularity.  On a busy... Read more »

STOP Theft in the Gaming Community!

I had a great experience at a gaming store this week.  Then, I read a blog post, and my mood soured: Theft in the Magic Community.  Frak. Does everything have to be ruined by heartless idiots? First, the good.  My Geek Guy wanted to start painting miniatures- Star Trek HeroClix, to be exact.  We walked... Read more »