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The moment I cried during Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILER-FREE!)

**As long as you’ve seen the TRAILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this post will contain NO SPOILERS. If you have not watched the trailers, I admire your will power; this is not the post you’re looking for. Move along.**           As you might expect, I saw Star Wars: The... Read more »

The best places to celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Chicago

It’s officially December, so my Star Wars fever is burning out of control. The entire world (minus my day job co-workers) is going crazy for The Force Awakens. I have my opening night tickets. Of course, I’m thinking about cosplay. I’m also hiding from spoilers as actively as I can, but it has been TOUGH.... Read more »

This GEEKend: Give me feedback, please!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my This GEEKend posts. Weekend event logs were envisioned as the heart of GGC. I love keeping my area geekhearts informed about cool places to meet others. That said, I don’t always do the best job. If life surprises me, like a work outing did yesterday, I sometimes miss... Read more »

5 Geeky Theatre Shows in Chicago this Month, September 2014

Three days ago, I promised a GEEKend events post.  I realized, though, that all relevant goings-on are long-running shows.  So, I’m tweaking the usual format. Here’s a special list of geeky theatre productions you can enjoy all month:   1. Hack/Slash – The comic book series Hack/Slash is a Chicago favorite.  Its writer, Tim Seeley, is... Read more »

This GEEKend: DucKon, Star Trek Con, Japan Fest, and Ghostbusters Anniversary

It has been a cool week for Internet activism.  John Oliver turned the public’s attention to net neutrality (finally!)  Geek girls got vocal about Star Wars, so Princess Leia toys will be introduced by Disney (finally!)  Before this week, Solar Roadways got funded.  Reading Rainbow got funded. Never before has it been so easy for individuals... Read more »

The George Lucas Cultural Arts Museum: not about Star Wars, not for Chicago

The Chicago geek scene has been blowing up about The George Lucas Cultural Arts Museum.  People keep getting my attention on social media, gushing about how much “we” want it.  The city of San Francisco supposedly just made an offer for the attraction.  In response, many readers have been asking Geek Girl Chicago to join the... Read more »

4 Star Wars Day Fashions that Every Jedi Must Own

Today was one of those days when I see what a weird adult I’ve become.  I brought in donuts for my employees to celebrate Star Wars Day.  Then, I passed out daily schedules, which featured a picture of R2-D2 with a guitar.  I felt legitimately scorned when a co-worker announced “May the Fourth be with... Read more »

This GEEKend: Joss Whedon Celebration and May the Fourth Star Wars Day

Oh my GOSH!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of the geeks who brought Geek Girl Chicago‘s Facebook fan page to over 1,000 Likes.  Almost 100 people started following the blog immediately after C2E2.  I hope you all stick around and love what you read.  I am honored. 🙂 Speaking of C2E2, I... Read more »

This GEEKend: WhoProv, MacSith, and Con Alt Delete

Before I even get into this, gentle reader, you need to know that I am blogging between rounds of Peggle.  Someone downloaded it to my fiance’s Xbox months ago.  We rediscovered it, and I’m completely addicted!  So, forgive me if this whole entry appears a bit disjointed. I have a few warm, cozy, indoor events... Read more »

In Defense of Han Solo Getting the Girl (Inspired by RedEye's Elliott Serrano)

EDIT: Elliott posted a rebuttal to this post!  You can find it HERE. ***** On November 20th, Elliott Serrano of RedEye posted the following on Facebook: And here is the biggest problem I have with Star Wars in a nutshell: Luke Skywalker sees Princess Leia for the first time, falls in love and crosses a galaxy... Read more »