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This GEEKend: SoyCon, Mighty Con, and Lake Count.i.Con

Yyyyyup, it’s convention season!  I can tell because my Google calendar is filled top to bottom with small, local cons.  There are so many nearby, in fact, that they are now triple-overlapping one another.  A person can’t possibly attend them all!  Hopefully, a bit of information from GGC can help you choose. Here are three... Read more »

This GEEKend: SoyCon 6 and The Assemblers' Closing Night

Wow, the summer heat has been merciless!  Several times this week, I’ve been reminded that I’m an indoor-type girl.  I tried to play outside with some marshmallow-shooting bows this afternoon (really!), and gave up in 15 minutes.  Hello, Netflix and air conditioning combo.  I love you. Coming up this GEEKend, I have one event for... Read more »

This GEEKend: SoyCon, Steampunk at Bristol, and Star Trek on the Big Screen

Yaaaaawn!  You know adulthood rocks when you’ve sleep until 1:30 PM after the Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere. The movie was a tense 3 hours.  I loved it all, minus a few cheesy one-liners.  I’ve never seen an action sequence quite like the opener.  Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman was surprisingly sultry.  I’m going to marry Jonathan Crane.... Read more »