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The Simpsons pub trivia is SUPER SERIOUS.

Picture this- it’s 6PM in Chicago, the warmest evening in March. The doors of Pizzeria Serio are about to open for Simpsons Trivia, hosted by Neil Arsenty. A camera crew is setting up; a Simpsons trivia documentary is filming tonight. Trivia questions won’t start for another hour, but the line to get in is down... Read more »

Rising Stars of Geek Rock III: Hired Goons

Good glaven!  After a short departure, Rising Stars of Geek Rock is back. Today’s band, Hired Goons, found me only a few weeks ago.  Thank Jebus they did!  Their music is as fun as a game of knifey-spooney. …Are you catching the blatant Simpsons references?  Super-dee-diddly-uper, because Hired Goons is a “Ramones-influenced Simpsons tribute.” They perform covers... Read more »