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This GEEKend: WhoProv, MacSith, and Con Alt Delete

Before I even get into this, gentle reader, you need to know that I am blogging between rounds of Peggle.  Someone downloaded it to my fiance’s Xbox months ago.  We rediscovered it, and I’m completely addicted!  So, forgive me if this whole entry appears a bit disjointed. I have a few warm, cozy, indoor events... Read more »

Matt Smith is Leaving Doctor Who, but 2 Timey-Wimey Shows are Alive in Chicago!

Doctor Who fans around the world were just hit with some BIG news: Matt Smith, The Eleventh Doctor, will be stepping down.  The Internet is already abuzz with rumors.  Could the Twelfth Doctor be female?  Black?  GINGER AT LAST?!  The amount of speculation is astounding given how little we actually know.  I say we just... Read more »

This GEEKend: Science Show, KaPrE, DucKon, and Star Wars

Wow!  With all of the news about reality shows, comic summits, and the like,  it has been a while since an events post.  This weekend is the perfect opportunity; there’s a LOT going on! Before you read further, you should enter my Space Invasion Ticket Giveaway.  Scooty and JoJo’s epic marriage of Queen music and Alien... Read more »