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This GEEKend: Acrobatica Infiniti, Chicago Science Fest, and Konami Tsunami

Up until recently, I thought “Thirsty Thursday” was an in-joke at my university. Don’t laugh. I recognize my own ignorance. The idea of starting the weekend early is at every university. …and club. …and bar. …and many households. In fact, tomorrow is a Thirsty Thursday of sorts for GGC. Geeky events in Chicago are kicking... Read more »

The Science of Chicago Traffic: STAY IN YOUR LANE!!

Picture this: You’re driving on the Kennedy, Eisenhower, Stevenson, or other Chicago expressway. Your lane slows down. What do you do? If your answer is “quickly jump into a lane that looks like it’s moving faster,” 1. I hate you, 2. Knock it off. When you pull this move (and similar ones), you make traffic worse.... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Logan Arcade, School of Comics, and C2E2 Villains!

While I normally save events post for the weekend, there’s a LOT going on in Chicago that the sci-fi, fantasy, and gamer communities should know about.  The weather is warming up just in time, it seems!  We can all get out of the house and enjoy some fantastic fun. As I have so much to... Read more »

Science Smackdown: How Bill Nye's Evolution Crushed Ken Ham's Creationism

Tonight, I watched perhaps the most important debate of our time.  Bill Nye “The Science Guy” faced off against Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum.  The topic, of course, was Evolution vs. Creationism.  In case you missed it, here’s my take on what I have dubbed the “Science Smackdown.” Ken Ham had “home court... Read more »

Chicago Ideas Week 2013: YOU Can Join the Brainstorm!

Today marked the beginning of Chicago Ideas Week.  Given the event’s presence at the Museum of Science and Industry, I figured CIW was all about science.  I was barely scratching the surface!  Chicago Ideas Week is a seven-day collaboration between our city’s innovation leaders.  Creative minds brainstorm “new ideas and actionable results” in many, many... Read more »

Science CAN Be a Girl Thing: 2 STEM Competitions for Young Women

Before I even get started, have you seen this video?  It’s old news now, but this stinking pile of awful was released a few years ago by the European Commission.  The goal was to draw more women into science careers.  Apparently, my gender’s interest in STEM fields boils down to high heels and using chemistry to… make... Read more »

Evolution, Ethology, and Eminem: An Interview with Rapper Baba Brinkman

Working in mid-level management at a science museum has its perks.  Last October, I got to attend the ASTC (Association of Science Technology Centers) Conference.  There, I witnessed two performances by Baba Brinkman, a hip-hop artist who raps about science, literature, and other unconventionally intellectual topics.  I thought his act would be cheesy. I ended up... Read more »

The Summer of Science - 3 Sciencey, Summery Activities for Kids and Families

July is coming to a close.  The weather is hotter than ever, driving some people to the beach and others to the air-conditioned indoors for computers and video games.  There’s still another month before kids go back to school.  Sunburn is one thing- don’t let their brains fry, too! Here are 3 ways to keep... Read more »

Your Kid is a Geek!: Love, Bullies, and Places to Grow

Today, people often say that geeks have inherited the Earth.  Comic book-inspired movies rule the box office.  New Star Wars content surfaces each week.  The Big Bang Theory is one of the hottest shows on TV, and Game of Thrones saw no less than 13 Emmy nominations (2 wins!) in 2011.  “We won,” my adult... Read more »