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Theatre Review: Fanatical, a science fiction convention musical

There are many types of fanart. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to drawing, writing, cosplay… but it’s rare to see live theatre that pays tribute to fandom. Up until this week, Badfic Love was the only production I could name. Then came Fanatical: a Science Fiction Convention Musical. This production is debuting at the Chicago... Read more »

Welcome to Night Vale LIVE: A review by someone who hasn't heard the podcast

I’m a fan of audio drama. In addition to my day job and Geek Girl Chicago duties, I’m the Community Manager for a show called Our Fair City. You’d think I’d be a fan of the biggest sci-fi podcast out there. Nope. I’ve somehow avoided Welcome to Night Vale. I’ll admit it- I just assumed the show... Read more »

Of Dice and Men, Revisited: A Non-Gamer Perspective from Guest Blogger Abby Doud

Last week, my GEEKend post highlighted some stellar theatre going on in our city.  In it, I promised a more extensive review of Otherworld Theatre‘s Of Dice and Men.  Here’s the twist- today’s review isn’t written by me.  Instead, I’ve invited a brand new guest blogger, Abby Doud, to share her thoughts. Abby is a... Read more »

3 Affordable PC Games I Can't Stop Playing

Thank goodness- it’s finally above freezing here in Chiberia- er, Chicago.  My workplace closed for two days during the big chill.  This allowed me to make HUGE progress on my wedding.  I also got to put some quality time into my favorite activity of all: sweet, sweet video games. At long last, I got a... Read more »

Verily, a Book Review: William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Book reviews aren’t normally in my wheelhouse.  The folks at Quirk Books, however, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse- a free copy of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher.  Um, YES.  It came out in July, but it’s new to me!  The book’s title says it all; this is a beat-for-beat re-imagining of A... Read more »

Shire Sausage and Hobbit Holes: The Hobbit Menu at Denny's

The Hobbit Menu was its own document.  We didn't bother taking the standard menu- we knew what we wanted: high-calorie goodness with elf and wizard names attached!  We ordered everything except for the smoothie, milk shake, and Dwarves' Turkey Dinner.
If you haven’t discovered the Denny’s Hobbit Menu yet, please… enlighten yourself.  When I first heard about this crazy film tie-in, all I could do was cringe.  Everything on the menu sounded, well, sexual.  What, you think I’m kidding?  Just read some of these names aloud: Hobbit Slam. Shire Sausage. Hobbit Hole. …to be fair,... Read more »

New Show at Medieval Times Schaumburg

His majesty took a picture with us before the show.  He was a flirt.  I guess I would be, too, were that my job.
Six more days ’til Game of Thrones Season 2!  Eee, look at the pretty costumes! …I couldn’t wait.  I needed my quasi-Medieval fix.  Thankfully, there was last week’s press event at Medieval Times.  I hadn’t gone since childhood, when I was “knighted.”  Yup, pre-pubescent girls are totally qualified to serve in the king’s army.  Represent. Anyway,... Read more »

Love H. P. Lovecraft? See Elder Gods in Evanston!

“Will this give me nightmares?” I find myself asking this question often.  The threat of potential sleepytime horror has kept me out of a few fandoms  (THE WALKING DEAD AAAAH).  I’m glad, however, that I sucked it up to see Elder Gods. Elder Gods is an immersive show presented by DreamLogic Theatreworks.  Inspired by H.... Read more »