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6 Reasons Why Codsworth is the Best Fallout 4 Companion

**WARNING: THIS POST POTENTIALLY CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM FALLOUT 4. **     As you may have gathered from my TOTAL ABSENCE, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 like crazy. A few of my friends have finished it, but you know me. I have to explore every inch of The Commonwealth before I let the experience end.... Read more »

5 reasons you should drop everything and play Rocket League

Two weeks ago, a game called Rocket League launched on PC and PS4. This moment changed my PS4 for the better. The system was no longer a glorified Netflix machine. Rocket League transformed it into a proper gaming system. …It also transformed my geek guy and me into babbling, sleep-deprived, addicted slobs. Hurrah! Rocket League is a... Read more »