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My 2016 New Year's resolution is financial

I always try to share my New Year’s resolutions on GGC. It’s more for me than for you, but hey- I’m glad you’re here, gentle reader. Last year’s resolutions were successful. Sort of. I think I ended up making less cosplay instead of focusing on repairs, but the result was the same. The year before that... Read more »

My 2015 New Year's resolutions: one geeky, one not

New Year’s Eve last year was a disaster. I spent the first hours of 2014 in tears. I had just lost my Grandma Rose. Drinking, dancing, and partying seemed stupid. Then, NOT drinking, dancing, and partying because I was sad seemed stupid. As a result, I stayed on the couch and wallowed. From that day,... Read more »

Does My New Year's Resolution Suck??

Happy New Year, geeks!  Welcome to 2014.  We’ve only been here for 3 days, and I already need some feedback.  You see, I’m starting to worry that my New Year’s Resolution sucks.  I only made just one, as opposed to last year (FAIL), and well… I’m afraid it might make me a hypocrite. In 2014, I’m resolving... Read more »