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DISCOUNT CODE: Brooklyn Brewery Launch Party

While Chicago’s hometown comic convention is C2E2, cons are popular across the US. Each has its own set of exclusives- toys, books, beer. New York Comic Con was the only place to try Brooklyn Brewery’s Defender IPA… until now. My friends at Lakeshore Beverage are introducing this superhero-themed “defender of beer” to The Windy City.... Read more »

This GEEKend ONLY: The Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show at Rotofugi

I have been on a total Ghostbusters kick lately, thanks to the film’s 30th anniversary celebrations.  I threw a viewing party in my apartment a couple of weeks back.  Since then, I’d been looking forward to Gallery 1988’s traveling art show at Rotofugi.  The installation opened last night.  The place was crazy-packed, cats and dogs... Read more »

This GEEKend: 3 Theatre Shows for Chicago Gamers

When I was in college, the weekend started on Thursday- “Thirsty Thursday,” as it were.  I rarely participated in this phenomenon; I was committed to studying until the “real” weekend (I promise, mom!)  However, the Chicago theatre circuit is trying to change my mind. This week, three shows are popping up that geeks (especially gamers)... Read more »


If you live in Chicago, you’ve heard of Geek Bar.  It’s the hottest hangout in the city for geeks and gamers… or, it will be someday.  Geek Bar shattered its Kickstarter goals, and promises everything from live fandom bands to comic book readings.  The thing is, it doesn’t exist yet.  That’s why I’m SO psyched... Read more »

This GEEKend: Carnal Cosplay, Plan 9 Burlesque, NMTC, and More Hulk

Sometimes when I write events posts, I get super excited about all of the things I’m about to do and see.  Other times, like this one, I get a little sad because I’m missing ALL OF THEM for cosplay work.  …I promise I’ll be done talking about Dragon Con in a week. <3 Until then,... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Geek Bar, Steamstock, and Nerd's Night Out

Geek Girl Chicago, Geek Bar Chicago, Nerds at Heart, Chicago Nerd Social Club… things aimed at this subculture often put “Geek” or “Nerd” right in the title, don’t they?  Guilty as charged.  I still haven’t decided if this tendency is inclusive or exclusive, though.  On one hand, there isn’t a “Trendy Jock Sports Bar.”  On... Read more »

2 Geeky Plays to See in April: Into the Uncanny Valley and She Kills Monsters

Wow, it’s already Easter and the end of another month!  With the weather finally warming up, I’ve begun exploring the city again.  During a recent trip to Robot City Workshop, I found a flyer for a play.  It got me curious.  Aside from the usual burlesque shows and concerts, what other geeky theatre might be... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Science Pub and Anime Round Table

I’m a talker.  I dominate conversations.  I’m not happy at a job unless I get to chat with new people.  I do things like guest star on local podcasts, just so I can talk some more.  I enjoy intellectual conversations about literature, spirituality, what I heard on NPR, which Doctor is my favorite, which pony... Read more »