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Disney Princesses Reimagined in 5 Geeky Ways

Even though I LOVE butt-kicking heroines like Leia, Buffy, and River Tam, I have a soft spot for Disney Princesses.  I grew up with the movies.  Aladdin = dreamy!!  Thus, it hurts me that the controversy surrounding Merida from Brave had to happen.  Disney had the opportunity to change its girly, damsel-filled Princess roster into something... Read more »

Leaky Con 2012 Recap: Harry Potter and the Windy City

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...
Some people choose the perfect characters for themselves to cosplay.
Many would say that the Harry Potter fandom is on its way out.  The books are finished.  The movies are complete.  There’s Pottermore, but the website doesn’t really expand the lore. LeakyCon considered calling it quits after 2011.  Thankfully, the powers that be had a change of heart.  The convention landed in Chicago for 2012, from August... Read more »