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My Dragon Con 2015: The good, the bad, and the cosplay

I feel like I’ve come out of a haze. For about 2 months, I worked nonstop on costumes for Dragon Con. When I wasn’t building cosplay pieces, I was giving myself grief over cosplay pieces. “I shouldn’t be at this bar. I shouldn’t be at this show. I shouldn’t visit this person.” There was ONLY... Read more »

Disney Princesses Reimagined in 5 Geeky Ways

Even though I LOVE butt-kicking heroines like Leia, Buffy, and River Tam, I have a soft spot for Disney Princesses.  I grew up with the movies.  Aladdin = dreamy!!  Thus, it hurts me that the controversy surrounding Merida from Brave had to happen.  Disney had the opportunity to change its girly, damsel-filled Princess roster into something... Read more »