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Happy Birthday! I unfriended you.

As I mentioned in my last, now infamous post, Thursday was my birthday. Almost 200 people posted b-day wishes on my personal Facebook wall. I was actually surprised. I received obligatory, two-word messages from high school classmates, cosplay fans, folks who’d met me at an improv show once, etc. What I’m saying is, I have... Read more »

Facebook's Fake Account Purge: The Cosplay Perspective

Obi-Wan Kenobi surely felt a disturbance in The Force today.  Within the last 24 hours, Facebook purged hundreds of “fake” users from its social networking empire.  Many geek girls and guys were caught in the crossfire- specifically, cosplayers. “Cosplay” is short for “costume play.”  Cosplayers dress as characters from sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and more.  These outfits are... Read more »