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This GEEKend: Capricon 34 and Anti-Valentine's Day with Game Pazzo

I FINALLY saw Disney’s Frozen yesterday.  I took all of my day job employees.  We enjoyed it far more than we expected!  Internet arguments aside, Frozen made me laugh, cry, and wish my sister were in the theater.  Afterward, my whole team felt better about Chicago’s below-zero temperatures.  We weren’t freezing- just “Letting It Go!”  Ha. Anyway,... Read more »

This GEEKend: Japan Festival, Kankakee Fantasy Con, and the Game Pazzo Ani-Rave

Saturday in the Chicago area is going to be a fine day for cosplayers.  Three separate events are embracing the art in different ways.  Oddly enough, none of them are in the city proper.  This one’s for you, suburbanites! As there’s so much to write about, I’m going to cut right to the chase.  Enjoy... Read more »

Photo Recap: C2E2 Cosplay Around Town at Graham Crackers Comics

LAKEVIEW: This gorgeous (and hilarious) piece of work is Tara's original creation, Dolly Deathstar.
On Wednesday, February 20th, C2E2 held a “Cosplay Around Town” celebration at 4 different Graham Crackers Comics locations.  I covered the event details in a previous article, so I’ll get right to the recap and photos! I went to the Lakeview store.  The group there was small- less than 10 costumes- but we still had fun.  C2E2 staff provided simple... Read more »
Advertisement: Discover Your New Dungeon Mates and Drinking Buddies

It might be a sign that I’m getting older, but I’ve been avoiding the trendy social networking/news/imagery sites.  Pinterest, Tumblr, Plurk, Reddit…  I asked my geek guy to explain the differences to me.  It didn’t work. …BUT THEN, in a shocking twist, I discovered  The site totally gets my stamp of approval.  Meetup users... Read more »